Engineering and projects


Our engineering specialties:

  • Certifications or previous studies
  • Lay-out studies of industrial processes in order to optimize your production plant
  • Studies of machinery, shelves and other logistic equipment
  • Preliminary projects or technical-and-economic studies
  • Environmental License Projects
  • Facilities legalization projects
  • Official works and basic engineering projects
  • Executive projects and detail engineering
  • Optional directions
  • Integral project management
  • Integral construction management
  • Real Estate Consulting / study of feasibility
  • Other projects and special works

All of them, led by a multidisciplinary team of qualified technicians, who rigorously and effectively apply the most demanding regulations at a local or global scale in each site and for each corresponding competent administration, optimizing all your propositions and constantly watching over the interests of our customers.

proyectos de ingeniería y arquitectura

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